Value Engineering

Elomatic strive to create projects of lasting cultural value, we ensure the economic integrity by focusing on what is important and eliminating what is not. Value engineering exercises are a vital element of our process that helps us understand the long-term costs of a project. Through experience and analysis, we’ve learned to do Value Engineering to make overall facility as more efficient, effective &  economical without sacrificing the quality or intent of design.

Value Engineering can be defined as an organized creative effort directed at evaluating & analysing designed features, applications, systems, equipment, compliances and selection of material for the purpose of achieving essential functions. It’s about establishing the monetary value of the function at the lowest life cycle cost with consistent Performance, Quality, Reliability, and Safety.

Elomatic’s professional expert are well versed in Value Engineering techniques. They work closely with various stake holders of projects like our clients, vendors, OEM suppliers, Specialised SME consultants, contractors, for conducting Value Engineering activities throughout the course of a project.

The Value Engineering is a process typically comprises gathering of  data/ information, speculation & evaluation, analysis of function, analysis as systems, design analysis, generation of ideas for alternative design solutions, evaluation of alternatives with respect to functionalist, cost, reliability, GMP compliance & availability, customised development of preferred solutions, re – analysis of customised design, review of regulatory compliance, recommendations for implementation and observations.

Value Engineering elicits ideas for enhancing results while reducing life cycle costs.

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