Civil, Structure & Architectural Design (CSA)

“Form Follows Function” as the quote stated by famous architect “Louis Sullivan” is dually true for all designs prepared by Elomatic. At Elomatic, the architecture team understands the importance and needs of the end users to provide holistic and cost – effective solutions. The solutions are customized and sustainable to match local ambient conditions and codes in accordance with latest construction and design technology. Architects are the real pivot point in the coordination of project design with engineering requirements and regulatory compliance.

The layout generated ensures that the technical integrity of the process and products are not compromised for aesthetical finishes. At the same time architecture acts as a tool to generate environment where users can easily corelate to their surroundings. Our team of experts work together to ensure that the end product produced on site is the same as envisaged with complete client satisfaction.

As designers with 3D thinking, Elomatic architect have an overall view of all disciplines and are able to visualise & link the various disciplines involved in a project. Trained to work within a technical engineering context, architects are key to integrating process engineering, MEP engineering, specialized construction requirements, building code compliance and overall building design.

PEB Design Elomatic also offer wide expertise in the design & engineering solutions for Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEBs). In PEB design, Elomatic play more role of a faciliatory and with the help of selected potential vendor/ contractor the task is accomplished as the building components are manufactured at a factory and assembled on site. However Elomatic take care of design / engineering inputs, the complete coordination and get it executed as per project demand.


At Elomatic we believe in returning to nature what we have gained. Our designs are energy efficient and can apply for any Energy Efficient Rating throughout the globe. Our experts and designers design such buildings which can help reduction in the time duration for return of investments. This not only helps in reduction of carbon footprint of all developments but also results in a greener footprint.

Civil & Structure Design a very integrated part of project to realise the flawless State – of – art facility. We offer expertise as a comprehensive solutions to technically challenge projects from Planning, Conceptualisation to Construction stage as single window.

We provides optimized & innovative designs which is fully verified & control with the support well proven software. These software further validate our design by challenging the design & other parameters for the analysis & stability of the buildings/ structures. We ensure to offer a safe design with full assurance of constructability at competitive construction cost & time.

Structural engineering is the science and art of planning, designing and constructing safe and economical structures that will serve their intended purposes. Structural analysis is an integral part of any structural engineering project, its function being the prediction of the performance of the proposed structure.

Analysis of the buildings/ structures mainly involve the appropriate loadings, selections of right materials, accurate positioning of structural members and making the error – free analytical model of the same for analysis using relevant codes & standards parameters.

We offer our expertise for Greenfield and Brownfield projects. We do design & engineering for RCC structure as well as for steel structure or sometimes a hybrid approach of construction. We work in various countries with different local bylaws & statutory guidelines.

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