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We provide comprehensive customised MEP solutions for the Healthcare and Hospital s. MEP services are very vital for the functioning of Healthcare & Hospital facility, we start working at conceptual stage for the various utilities, electrical, HVAC, Fire system & other allied systems and lead upto the detailed design, procurement, selection, site implementation and start of the operations of various MEP functions.

Over the years, Elomatic’s mechanical engineering have gained extensive experience in delivering a comprehensive design, engineering and project management for the various utilities requirement of Healthcare and Hospital industry.

For our customers in the Healthcare & Hospital industry, the electric infrastructure services comprehensively cover all industrial electrification areas inclusive of High tension (HT), Low tension (LT), Low voltage (LV), MOT Lighting, Distribution network, Security, Access control system, Emergency power plan, Emergency lighting etc.

In Healthcare & Hospital, the Instrumentation encompasses a wide variety of services. As a consultancy & engineering organisation, the quality standards & regulations guidelines are our daily business. Instrumentation for the Healthcare & Hospital s industry requires the highest level of precision, reliability and quality.

Elomatic has comprehensive know how of Automation architecture with various combination permutations based on clients business plan and application complexity. Elomatic has successfully executed multiple projects with various level of automation. Such automation design & execution involves PLC, SCADA , DCS based technologies & systems. Design is customised based on customer applications.

We offer the end to end Electricals, Instrumentations and Automation solutions inclusive of data management and reporting system which are high quality, error free, flexible, cost effective and customized.

Begin with the conceptual philosophy of HVAC wherein all the design parameters as applicable to the location and application of the Healthcare & Hospital facility are captured as design basis and based on which the conceptual design is done. Typically the design basis includes altitude of the project site, environmental parameters like temperature & humidity during various season of the year, regulatory guidelines, environmental grades with permitted CFU, type of construction of building, ASHRAE etc.

Typical MEP Services Are :

  • Calculation, design & engineering of utility generation
  • Calculation, design & engineering of water system & distribution
  • Development of P&IDs for utilities
  • Technical / Data Sheet of Utility equipment
  • Pipe routing, pipe racks, Isometrics drawing etc.
  • Electrical Infrastructure service
  • Building & Utility Electrification
  • Calculation, design & engineering of emergency power plan
  • Calculation, design & engineering of field Instrumentation
  • Calculation, design & engineering of automation systems
  • Building management system (BMS)
  • User interfaces
  • IT application services
  • Telecommunication network
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)
  • Facility Monitoring System ( FMS)
  • Fire Alarm & Control system
  • Surveillance (CCTV) & PA system etc.
  • POUs layout
  • Design calculation & detailing of Heat Dissipation various equipment / machineries
  • Estimation and finalization of Cooling and Heating load of AHUs
  • Summery sheet for AHU & Ventilation system
  • Refinement and finalization of Area Classification
  • Finalization of Air Flow Diagram
  • Data Sheet (DS) & Technical Specifications (TS) of HVAC
  • AHU layout with orientation doors & manifolds
  • Calculation, design & engineering of ETP
  • Calculation, design & engineering of fire hydrant system
  • Preparation of BOQ for HVAC
  • Preparation of BOQ for Piping
  • Preparation of BOQ for Utilities
  • Preparation of BOQ for Electricals
  • Preparation of BOQ for Instrumentation
  • Preparation of BOQ for Automation
  • Preparation of BOQ for Miscellaneous etc.
  • Preparation of Tender documents
  • Review & approval of Vendor & contractor design / drawings

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