Campus Master Planning

Campus Master Planning of a Healthcare & Hospital campus is a value engineering which take care with prime goal of patient healing & good health. The Campus Master Planning is done based on scientific study of the various inputs inclusive of optimised foot print, functional relationships between various departments, adherence to statutory compliance and patient comfort. The master planning needs a lot of imagination, a creative thinking & then an innovative scientific approach. The objective of the facility should be well defined and understood.

Campus Master Planning is the helicopter view of the entire Healthcare & Hospital infrastructure along with all the infrastructure which is planned under the norms of local statutory. Campus Master Plan is broadly linked to the overall Healthcare & Hospital business strategy of the organisation. Healthcare & Hospital s have to be built in such a manner that is viable for the current and for the future so accordingly master planning needs to capture the future business plan. So Campus Master Planning is inclusive of futuristic Healthcare & Hospital demand and growth plan.

The Healthcare & Hospital facility is not just a stand – alone building, instead, it also comprises a number of other units like the main entrance, parking, OPD, reception, garden, emergency, laboratories, utility area canteen etc. When we plan any Healthcare & Hospital we focus on all these aspects and consider them as crucial too. This becomes the bench mark for the optimum usage of plot within the local statutory guidelines. It provides a structured approach and creates a clear framework for developing the allocated plot.

At Elomatic, Campus Master Planning is accomplished through a team work of expert with sound know – how on the functionality of Healthcare and Hospital. The location & orientation of each of the building in the campus shall be governed by multiple factors, functionality always spearhead the architecture planning. The 3D visualise of the proposed Campus Master Planning gives a very fair idea of the proposed Healthcare & Hospital facility.

With increasing demand for efficiency and cost reductions it is now more important than ever to optimize the utilization of Healthcare assets, such as land, utilities and facilities. At the same time Healthcare & Hospital need to prepare for future changes in Healthcare demand of local populations, demography, overall in Healthcare technology and legislation. So Campus Master Planning must be a holistic approach plan that addresses every issue and yet manages to obtain consensus agreement of management.

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