Clean Room Design

Elomatic has multi decades experience in Design, Engineering & Execution of cleanroom pro­jects for various life science & healthcare application inclusive of containment and Bio-Safety level (BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4) facility. Our in depth knowledge of processes, medical planning, various regulatory guidelines & GMP requirements make us the ideal partner for design & engineering of cleanroom solutions.

In order to achieve Good Manufacturing Prac­tice (GMP) cleanrooms, Elomatic applies the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) guidelines, unless otherwise required by the client. We are thoroughly familiar and extensively use GMP regulations such as EU GMP, USFDA, WHO, PICs and cGMP etc.

Elomatic offers different cleanroom partition systems design that can be adapted to a variety of cleanroom requirements based upon the usage of the clean room. The selection of the cleanroom partition system is done according to the usage, environments, fire protection, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc.

For particle – based cleanliness, we mostly fol­low the ISO 14644 standard. Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments provide for the control of airborne particulate contamination to levels appropriate for accomplishing contamination – sensitive activities.

For Healthcare and Hospital segment, the layout and design of Modular Operation theatre (MOT) is very critical to ensure the fulfilment of basic necessity of operation theatre. MOT is required to maintain complete sterility environment. As MOT are used for invasive treatment under aseptic conditions, the overall finish of the walls, floor and other air conditions are very vital.

MOT construction should be of Non porous, seamless, easily cleanable surfaces to prevent the accumulation of dust / contaminants etc. Generally wall & ceiling panels should be impact resistance, should have seamless finish, it should not allow any bacterial or microorganism growth, it should be resistant to solvents / chemicals, it should not be prone to corrosion, panel should be free of porosity & crevices, cracks and with proper thermal insulation. Such finished inside surface and control environment of MOT helps in reduction of repeated fumigation of MOT which is non productive activity.

The high level design ensures the excellent function and appearance of the cleanroom, modular construction but integrated solution. At Elomatic, the architecture & engineering department consists of highly qualified professionals that put in all the necessary efforts to deliver high quality cleanroom design & engineering.

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