Medical Planning

Medical planning in Healthcare & Hospital industry holds very high significance and it is core of the design & engineering. Medical Planning is about the allocation of various discipline of medical technology & science which will be accommodated inside a Healthcare & Hospital facility and there inter dependency. Medical Planning is an effort to optimised the Healthcare proposed services and the scale of the facility for Hospital space & floor planning and designing

To tackle the unique needs of each Healthcare & Hospital function and at the same time balancing high investments involved in medical equipment Selection, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Training etc. The Medical planning is done at much early stage to meet the prescribed standards and norms. The functional requirements are defined in terms of the Healthcare services to be accommodated potential workload and key operational premises. The purpose of Medical Planning is to facilitate & take consensus informed decision towards arriving at concurrence on the operational principles governing the delivery of clinical, diagnostic and various support services as these have an cascading impact on overall project.

A functional room book is generated based on the schedule of various departmental accommodation listing the various rooms along with functional areas, together with optimum floor areas based on activity proposed & occupancy levels etc. This forms the basis for space Planning. Additionally, the planning for external and internal spaces is done as per Healthcare standards of space planning and in accordance with the NABH or JCI norms. While doing functional room book, special consideration is given to planning the critical areas like surgical suites, ICUs etc to maintain unidirectional flow of patients and staff to prevent the breach of sterile environment.

Elomatic also have expertise in offering green building concept for Healthcare & Hospital facility. Medical Planning is led by an adept team of facility planners, medical experts, designers, engineering experts & architects, we ensures efficient optimised medical planning.

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