Environment, Health and Safety Engineering (EHS)

EHS services are an integral part of our design & engineering services. Our goal is to ensure that our customers employees always leave work happy and in perfect health. We assist our customers to implement safe & functional environments, which fulfil Regulatory, Statutory and the customer’s Requirement.

EHS is a collaborative approach & solutions. At Elomatic, We are fully committed to involve experts, customers, vendors, contractors & subcontractors in our EHS discipline and culture. The fundamental objective is common to safe guard the health of individuals, the safety of industrial plants and the protection of the environment. The safety and protection of people is not only a priority but a fundamental value that all of us put into practice in all our daily activities. Elomatic promote these objectives from very beginning of the project and inbuilt in every activities/ deliverables and during all phases of projects execution. Elomatic’s management communicates EHS objectives & targets to all stake holders, involving staff in each activity during the design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of projects.

We provide added value services like explosion safety documents, rescue plans and safety surveys. By ensuring the inherently safe design, engineering and construction of project, the number of accidents and related costs & time is reduce.

We generate project specific written EHS policy document which is well approved by all stakeholders and it clearly spells out Principles, Goals, Roles and Responsibilities. All the associated vendors/ contractors on project are strictly requested to adhere the safety norms.

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