Basic Engineering

Once a business plan has been determined and a Conceptual design completed and agreed upon, the Basic Engineering of the project is way forward. This is second stage of design & engineering of a project. During Basic engineering, all the Conceptual design of various discipline is further evaluate at micro level. So the basic engineering is the elaboration of the conceptual design into various packages, defining the process requirements, the associated equipment, interlinked accessories and project facility in totality.

The Basic Engineering capabilities comprise of proven processes and best practices which guarantee Quality by Design (QbD) implementation from the outset and to provide integrated Design, Engineering, Construction and GMP compliance. The documentations that are generated during the Basic Engineering will be sufficient for the suppliers and contractors to give techno – commercial quotations for the various equipment and support function.

During Basic Engineering, client must start evolution of execution strategies. The execution could be on EPCM model or client’s controlled project execution & management wherein multiple subcontractors & vendors are involved.

During Basic Engineering, the major design & engineering work carried out is as under :

  • Refinement of Layouts along with man – material flow
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Process engineering
  • Development of P&IDs for Process
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Civil, Structure & Architecture
  • Pressure Differential system with proposed Air Flow Diagram
  • Calculations, design & engineering of HVAC
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Clean room partitions (CRP) & accessories
  • Development of P&IDs for Utilities (Black & Clean)
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Utilities (Black & Clean)
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Water system
  • Development of Risk Analysis
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Electricals
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Instrumentations
  • Calculations, design & engineering for Automations
  • Calculations, design & engineering of ETP & STP
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Fire hydrant system
  • Calculations, design & engineering of Miscellaneous items
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Civil, Structure & Architecture
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of HVAC
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Clean room partitions (CRP) & accessories
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Utilities (Black & Clean)
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Production equipment
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Electricals
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Instrumentations
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Automations
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of ETP
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Fire Hydrant system
  • Preparation of tender & BOQ of Miscellaneous items
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