Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) – Turnkey Solution

Elomatic is the best choice for the project implementation under Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) model. Wherein Elomatic shoulders all the responsibilities as a single window service provider for the complete end to end services to client to realise his dream project.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services were established to serve the needs of emerging economics through Elomatic’s expertise to the client’s in terms of Sustainable, Feasible solutions. Elomatic experts have relevant experience for better understanding of Operation, Production and Maintenance needs. In Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management offering, we focus on the importance of timely, cost – effective solutions built on safety in design, engineering, constructability and operational efficiency.

Turn Key Project

An Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management project consists of many different parts, each of which needs to be completed successfully to ensure a successful project. Elomatic’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management service includes fully comprehensive design, engineering, procurement and construction management. Elomatic as Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management is responsible for ensuring the compatibility of various services, contracts, deliveries, quality, budget and time schedule. In an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management project, the customer only has Elomatic as interface for the project implementation. Elomatic acts as the customer’s representative and takes care of the entire project management, coordination and implementation in accordance with the customer’s goals and agreed practices and policies.

All suppliers and contractors have a direct contractual relationship with the client and the client always have final say on selection and terms of contract. Procurement management is conducted from the very start of the investment all the way up to the point, where the procured materials had been accepted for the functionality, they were acquired. Successful procurement has a significant effect on the total cost of the project. An overall procurement strategy and plan should be drawn up at the start of the project, to which more detail can be added as the project progresses.

Project management is the most important activity throughout an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management project. It also acts as the interface to the project, the customer and other stakeholders. A key component of successful project management is the ability to forecast and plan for different scenarios throughout the project, as well as risk management in all phases. Good monitoring methods and control procedures related to corrective actions are extremely important.

Elomatic provides extensive services for Quality assurance, Safety and Regulatory affairs to ensure the success of the project. These services combined with project management services are carried out throughout the entire project life cycle.

The site management team is responsible for the practical implementation of the project, thereby realising the planned and fixed costs. The customer should also be kept involved in decision making throughout the project to ensure the satisfactory progress of project from start to finish.

Elomatic also undertake the customized solutions for the site supervision & management, such services includes civil construction, electro – mechanical construction, installation, commissioning and qualification at project site.

At Elomatic, we live with the core philosophy of Quality, Affordability & Accessibility

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